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Peer reviewed journals:

  • Richards, T.J.; McGuigan, K.; Aguirre, J.D.; Humanes, A.; Bozec, Y.M.; Mumby, P.J. and Riginos, C., 2023. Moving beyond heritability in the search for coral adaptive potential. Under review. Global Change Biology. Under review. Preprint:

  • Lachs, L.; Humanes, A.; Pygas, D.; Bythell, J.; Mumby, P.; Ferrari, R.; Figueira, W.; Beauchamp, E.; East, H.; Edwards, A. and Golbuu, Y., Martinez, H.; Sommer, B.; van der Steeg, E. and Guest, J. 2022. Co-benefits not trade-offs associated with heat tolerance in a reef building coral. Under review. Nature Communications Biology. Accepted. Preprint:

  • Lachs, L.; Donner, S..; Mumby, P.; Nythell, J.; Humanes, A.; East, H. and Guest, J. 2023. Emergent increase in coral thermal tolerance reduces mass bleaching under climate change. Under review. Nature Communications. 

  • Humanes, A.; Beauchamp, E.; Bythell, J; Edwards, A.; Golbuu, Y.; Lachs, L.; Martinez, H.; Palmowski, P.; van der Steeg, E.; van Hooidonk, R.; and Guest J. 2022. Within-population variability in coral heat tolerance indicates climate adaptation potential. Proceedings of Royal Society B. doi:

  • van Woesik, R.; Shlesinger, T.; Grottoli, A. G.; Toonen, R. J.; Vega Thurber, R.; Warner, M.; Hulver, A. M.; Chapron, L.; McLachlan, R. H.; Albright, R.; Crandall, E.; DeCarlo, T. M.; Donovan, M. K.; Eirin-Lopez, J.;  Harrison, H. B.; Heron, S. F.; Huang, D.; Humanes, A.; Krueger, T.; Madin, J. S.; Manzello, D.; McManus, L. C.; Matz, M.; Muller, E. M.; Rodriguez-Lanetty, M.; Vega-Rodriguez, M.; Voolstra, and C. R.; Zaneveld, J. 2022. Coral-bleaching responses to climate change across biological scales. Global Change Biology. DOI: 10.1111/gcb.16192.

  • Crawford, A.; Humanes, A.; Caldwell, G. and Guest, J. 2022. Architecture for coral restoration: Using clay-based digital fabrication to overcome bottlenecks to coral larval propagation. Proceedings of the 5th International Conference for Structures & Architecture.

  • Humanes, A.; Beauchamp, E.; Bythell, J.; Carl, M.; Craggs, J.; Edwards, A.; Golbuu, Y.; Lachs, L.; Randle, J.; Martinez, H.; Palmowski, P.; Paysinger, F.; van der Steeg, E.; Sweet, M.; Treumann, A. and Guest J. 2021. An Experimental Framework for Selectively Breeding Corals for Assisted Evolution. Frontiers in Marine Science

  • Davies, S.; Putnam, H.; Ainsworth, T.; Baum, J.; Bove, C.; Crosby, S.; Côté, I.; Duplouy, A.; Fulweiler, R.; Griffin, A.; Hanley, T.; Hill, T.; Humanes, A.; Mangubhai, S.; Metaxas, A.; Parker, L.; Rivera, H.; Silbiger, N.; Smith, N.; Spalding, A.; Traylor-Knowles, N.; Weigel, B.; Wright, R. and Bates, A. 2021. Promoting inclusive metrics of success and impact to dismantle a discriminatory reward system in science. Plos Biology 19 (6) e3001282.

  • Ferrari, R.; Lachs, L.; Pygas, D.; Humanes, A.; Sommer, B.; Figueira, W.; Edwards, A.; Bythell, J. and Guest, J. 2021.  Photogrammetry overcomes key hurdles of ecosystem restoration. Trends in Ecology & Evolution, 36(12), 1093-1101.

  • Ricardo, G. F.; Jones, R. J.; Clode, P. L.; Humanes, A.; Giofre, N. & Negri, A.  2018. Sediment characteristics influence the fertilisation success of the corals Acropora tenuis and Acropora millepora. Marine Pollution Bulletin 135: 941-953.

  • Humanes, A.; Fink, A., Willis, B. L.; Fabricius, K. E.; Negri, A. P. 2017a. Effects of suspended sediments and nutrient enrichment on juvenile corals. Marine Pollution Bulletin. Marine Pollution Bulletin 125 (1-2), 166-175.

  • Humanes, A.; Ricardo, G. F., Willis, B. L.; Fabricius, K. E.; Negri, A. P. 2017b. Cumulative effects of suspended sediments, nutrient enrichment and temperature stress on early life history stages of the coral Acropora tenuis. Scientific Reports. 10, 7:44101. doi: 10.1038/srep44101.

  • Humanes, A.; Noonan, S. H. C.; Willis, B. L.; Fabricius, K. E.; Negri, A. P. 2016. Cumulative effects of nutrient enrichment and elevated temperature compromise the early life history stages of the coral Acropora tenuis. PLoS One 11(8): e0161616. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0161616

  • Ricardo, G. F.; Jones, R. J.; Clode, P. L.; Humanes, A. & Negri, A. P. 2015. Suspended sediments limit coral sperm availability. Scientific reports 5: 18084.

  • Humanes, A. & Bastidas, C. 2015. In situ settlement rates and early survivorship of hard corals: a good year for a Caribbean reef. Marine Ecology Progress Series 539: 139-151.

  • Bastidas, C.; Bone, D.; Cróquer, A.; Debrot, D.; Garcia, E.; Humanes, A.; Ramos, R. & Rodríguez, S. 2012. The 2010 bleaching event at Los Roques, Venezuela: An unprecedented loss of live coral. Revista de Biologia Tropical 60 (1): 29-37.

  • Hesp, P.; Martinez. M; Miot da Silva, G.; Rodríguez-Revelo, N.; Gutierrez, E.; Humanes, A.; Laínez, D.; Montaño, I.; Palacios, V.; Quesada, A.; Storero, L.; González Trilla, G. & Trochine, C. 2010. Transgressive dunefield landforms and vegetation associations, Doña Juana, Veracruz, Mexico. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms. Earth Surf. Process. Landforms 36: 285–295.

Chapter books - General outreach:

  • Cabré Albós, A.; Bernal, B.; García, L.; Humanes, A.; Payo Payo, A. and Pérez-Porro, A.  2020. The Secret life of viruses. Zahori books. Translated to 14 languages, 44,000 copies sold.

  • Co-founder of Ellas Lideran, an association that promotes diversity in leadership for climate action, building bridges between science, society and decision-making for a more just and sustainable future.

  • Humanes, A. and León, Z. 2009. Coral settlement and early-survivorship of coral recruits in four reefs at Los Roques National Park. pp 212. In: Giraldo, D. Rojas-Suarez, F. & Romero, V (Ed.). Una mano a la naturaleza, Conservando las especies amenazadas venezolanas. Provita y Shell Venezuela, S.A., Caracas, Venezuela. 

  • Guada, H.; Humanes, A. Translation to Spanish of the technical report: Harold, Sera y Karen L. Eckert. 2005. Caribbean Sea Turtles in Danger: A Manual for Educators. Sea Turtle Conservation Network in the Greater Caribbean. (WIDECAST) Technical Report No. 3. Beaufort, North Carolina. 176 pp.

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