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Public workshops

I very much enjoy working with students and education has been a big aspect of many of my jobs. I have experience in university teaching, both at undergraduate and graduate levels. Aside from University, I have a lot of experience teaching in other environments giving public presentations to both children and adults. 

Coralassist in Palau

During my time in Palau working for the Coralassist Lab I regularly give workshops at the Palau International Coral Reef Center to school kids. In my workshops I explain what is a coral, their importance, the effects climate change has on them and the use of assisted gene flow as a tool to restore degraded reefs.   

ATSIMS, Australia

During 2014 and 2015 I supported the Aboriginals & Torres and Strait Islanders in Marine Science educational program.  The videos below explain the program and you can see me in min. 2:28 in the 1st video and in min 0:32 in the 2nd. 

Coralassist in the UK

Since 2017 I have participated in the European Researchers Night at the Great North Hancock Museum, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Bommies Award 

In 2013 I recorded this video explaining my research in 3 minutes to participate in the Boomies Award. 

Los Roques National Park 


As part of my work at Los Roques (2007-2009) I gave workshops to children, teachers and people from the community at the local School. These workshops were organized  as part of the environmental education program of Fundación Científica Los Roques.


Whilst working for CICTMAR, I organize and delivered one day workshops about the biology and conservation of sea turtles at local schools. I successfully provided workshops at 22 schools reaching over 2,500 students and 50 teachers. There, I was teaching students in often challenging, remote settings with very limited resources.

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