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I was born in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela where I lived for  30 years. I initiated my career in marine ecology at Universidad Central de Venezuela in 1999, where I obtained an Honours degree in Biology. Later, I undertook a Master's degree in Biological Sciences (MSc) at Universidad Simón Bolívar, Venezuela, where I learned field techniques to monitor early life history stages of corals. In 2011 I moved to Spain and enrolled in a 7-month course in Professional Photography at the oldest photography school in Madrid: EFTI. My principal interest in photography is capturing the world around me as it is and the impact that human activities have on ecosystems.
In 2012 I obtained a scholarship funded by the Australian Development Scholarship Programme to further develop and implement my ideas under the supervision of Dr. Negri, Dr. Fabricius, and Prof. Willis as part of a Ph.D. program offered by the collaboration of James Cook University together with the Australian Institute of Marine Science in Townsville, Australia.
Currently, I am a Research Associate at Newcastle University working together with the Coralassist lab, looking at assisted gene flow as a potential tool to be used in restoration programs. 


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