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My experience

On February 2017 I was selected to take part of the Homeward Bound (HB) cohort #HB2 together with 78 other brilliant female scientists. HB is a one year long leadership program for women with a science background to learn the skills with which we can influence the design of policies and actions for a sustainable management of our natural resources. During the year the program provided us with personal coaching sessions, leadership, communication and visibility training via online. The program culminated in a life changing 3-week expedition to Antarctica.

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The application 

The process consisted in answering 10 questions about my personal opinion on leadership, examples of previous leadership experiences, a 2 minute video and my CV.

The crowdfunding 

The training culminates in a 3-week voyage to Antarctica. Each alumnae commits herself to find the funds to cover the cost of the trip. It is an exercise that increases the visibility of participants.

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Program objectives

To train over a 10-year period a targeted 1,000 women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) from around the world. The main purpose is to elevate each participant’s leadership capabilities, teach them how to design and execute a strategy map, and to create plans for future collaborations. The programs is developed with a global focus aiming to contribute and elevate the broader societal conversation about the role of women in leading the world toward a more sustainable future.

Why women?

Globally women obtain STEM degrees at similar percentages to men. However, they are in the profound minority globally when it comes to leadership roles.

By giving women leadership and strategic skills, a sound understanding of the science, and a strong purposefully developed network they will be able to impact policy and decisions towards a sustainable future.

Women's leadership style favors long-term thinking, collaboration, transparency, and inclusion. 

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Why Antarctica?

Regions of Antarctica are currently showing amongst the fastest responses to climate change seen anywhere on the planet. The continent is a symbol of science diplomacy, since 1959 during the Cold War, an unprecedented diplomatic treaty reserved an entire continent for science and peace. The Antarctic Treaty endures today as a powerful reminder of what international cooperation can achieve when we collectively care for our planet.


A key objective of HB is to establish a global community to collaborate towards impactful outcomes. The Science component of the program provides education to enable a shared understanding of particular topics,  The program leverages the collective knowledge and expertise of the participants to collaborate on chosen projects. Participants also learn about each other through the ‘Symposium at Sea’ presentations that each participant makes on board.

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